Tuesday, June 25
11:00AM - 12:30PM
Scott's Landing
Salons A-B
Salon E
Youth Education
Influencing Safety
Supportying Ag Safety
Diverse Safety Environments
If walls could talk what would they SAY? (Pate, Gorucu)

Addressing safety needs of new female organic farmers

(Barnes, Rudolphi, Bandixsen)
Root cause analysis in Ontario flower greenhouses (D. Anderson, Dey)
Tobacco harvesting equipment injuries and fatalities in North Carolina (Grafft)
Occupation ROV exposure, safety behaviors, and crash experiences of Iowa FFA members (Jennissen, Wetjen, Hoogerwerf, O’Donnell, Harland, Denning)
Working hours, sleep, and fatigue in the agriculture, forestry, and fishing sector: Review of literature (Lincoln, Elliott, Syron)
Ag Safe Ribbons: An inclusive and positive campaign supporting Canadian Ag Safety Week (R. Anderson)
Man vs Machine: Preventing struck by injuries involving agricultural mobile equipment (Keenan)
Ag safety education: Efficacy of a train-the-trainer event (Pate, Perry)
Program to address behavioral health risks of farming (Dickens)
Progressive Agriculture Safety Days® (Davidson, Geschke, Kuhl)
Improving safety and health in the cattle feed-yard industry (Kent)
Preservice teacher perceptions of secondary ag laboratories (Tate, Vincent, Wasden)
Prevention and mitigation of agricultural emergencies: Best practices (Brown)
The burden of suicide on farm family members (Link, Garrett-Wright, Jones)
An eager audience for farm safety: Updates from rural firefighters (Bendixen, Barnes, Koshalek)
Wednesday, June 26
10:45PM - 12:05PM
Scott's Landing
Salon E
Salon G-H
ATV Safety
Intervention & Evaluation
Measuring Safety
Working with Livestock
How to increase ATV safe riding behaviors in youth (Jennissen, Stange, Wymore, Hooyer, Hoogerwerf, O’Donnell, Denning)

Occupational fatalities in Swedish agriculture 2004-2018: Before, during, and after a 5-year national intervention program (Lundqvist)

Safety sense: Understanding economic-based incentives for enhancing farm safety (Chege, Pate)
Tribal bison herd workers: Hazards, risks, and best practices to improve health and safety (Rautiainen, Finocchiaro, Duysen, Topliff, Kelling)
Evaluation of crush protection device performance in ATV accidents (Khorsandi, Fong, Ayers)
Preliminary analysis on ag production technological growth impact on ag safety and USDA NIFA contributions to a safer workplace (Issa, Rein, Thomson)
Why are Almetric scores attractive (Ploeckelman)
Air quality in livestock production buildings: evaluating a prototype to reduce dust concentrations (Nonnenmann, Anthony, Sousan, Altmaier, Gibbs, Ramirez)
ATV Aware Pilot Project (Harris-Broomfield)
Developing a common evaluation framework for centers of agricultural safety and health (Nelson, Galindo, Israel, Diehl)
Agricultural safety and health: A Chinese perspective (Liu)
Safer handling of animals: Giving attention to stockmanship for decreasing injuries (Norup)
The ATV Safety Situation in Australia: Examination of current safety efforts (Collins)
Sexual harassment prevention in agriculture: Developing a tailored worksite training (Drury)
A comparison of two potential safety devices for reducing injuries in ATV overturn accidents (Kebschull)
Animal agriculture exposure among Minnesota residents with zoonotic enteric infections: 2012-2016 (Klumb, Scheftel, Smith)
Thursday, June 27
8:30AM - 10:00AM
Scott's Landing
Salon E
Salon A-B
New Interventions
Building Resiliency
Perceptions & Beliefs
Parenting style and child ag injury: Opportunity for intervention? (Rudolphi, Barnes, Bendixsen)

Health and safety of agritourism workers (Salzwedel, Kampa, Klumb)

Growing sober: Exploration of negative and positive factors influencing stakeholders in rural communities (Nesmith, Vincent, Mazur)
Sharing the road with farm equipment: Driver rural roadway perceptions and beliefs (Pieper, Hamann, Askelson, Bash-Brooks)
Preliminary analysis of a self-reported agricultural injury and near-miss dataset (Becklinger)
International ag health and safety standardized survey for college ag students (Sheridan, Sullivan)
Farm Well: Increasing the capacity to serve (Roy)
Safety perceptions of students enrolled in agricultural mechanics” (Wasden, Tate, Vincent)
Preventing child ag injuries: Designing a new workshop model (Salzwedel, Rudolphi, Lee)
Comparison of ag injuries reported in the media and census of fatal occupational injuries (New-Aaron, Semin, Musil, Madsen, Duysen, Rautiainen)
Cultivating resiliency for women in agriculture (Roberts, Mold)
Ag safety training for a multi-generational workforce: Application of learning style theory (Fetzer, Funkenbusch)
Addressing farm stress through partnership (Tutor Marcom, Gurganus, Williams)

Assessing coding agreement of ag injuries

(Gorucu, Weichelt)
Empowering farm women to farm stronger (Rose-Davison, Emanuel)
1:00PM - 2:30PM
Scott's Landing
Salon E
Salon A-B
Measuring Injuries
Reaching All Audiences
Resources & Lessons Learned
Determinants of injury among older Saskatchewan farm operators: A cohort study (Voaklander, Dosman, Norman, Day, Pickett)

Strengthening international partnerships: Translating agricultural youth work guidelines for French Canadians (Salzwedel and Anderson)

Message received? Identifying appropriate senders and channels of mental health information for farmers (Rudolphi, Marlenga)
Creating enduring resources for farm safety education: A digital resource collection to aid youth in hands-on learning (Davidson, Geschke, Kuhl)
Occupational safety and health in the U.S. commercial fishing industry (Lincoln, Case)
Examining the effects of Hurricane Harvey among farmers in South Texas (Rudolphi, Peterson)
Safety in Ag for Youth: Maintaining national clearing house (Yoder)
Lessons learned with the BeGrainSafe program (Gobeil)

Injury risk factors to farm and ranch operators in the Central U.S.

(Jadhav, Rautiainen)
Immigration, related fear, mental health, and challenges in health and safety research (Ramos)
Farmer suicide and access to care in Iowa (Godwin)
Developing a roadmap for delivering child care services for hired farm worker families (Salzwedel, Lee, Liebman)
Occupational-related stress among farm owner-operators (Kowalkowski)

Predictors of depressive symptoms among farm women age 50 and older (Witt)

Investigating the mental wellness of veterans who farm (Kyle)
Mental health among farmers worldwide: A scoping review (Hagen)