Cybersecurity: Protecting Yourself

Facilitator:  Kimberly Boulden

A look into how Cybersecurity affects all of us in day-to-day activities, and how we can get ourselves in front of it. We will discuss how you may be targeted, cloud safety, online payments, and a short video on email safety.

Getting the Most out of Farm Bureau (Farm Bureau 101)

Facilitators:  Clay Francis and Mark Dawson, Virginia Farm Bureau Field Staff

If you're curious about what happens with your membership dues, and how they are used to support agriculture, join us for a discussion about the origins of Farm Bureau and our current programs.  We’ll share ways that you can take advantage of our member benefits and make sure that your voice is heard on the local, state, and national levels. 

A Network Agent: The Farm Credit Knowledge Center

Facilitator: Kyley Clevenger  

Grow – Understanding of the Knowledge Center; the how, what, where, and why behind the value-added resource!

Educate – Learn how to utilize resources within your communities or areas of influence!

Advocate – Share the story of agriculture!

Resonate – Identify gaps or needs within your immediate areas!

Facebook for Dummies

Facilitator:  Rebecca Holloway

If you don’t know where to start or your hesitated to try, but you want traction on social media, then this workshop will show you how everyday people gain attention on Facebook with no real experience.  Promoting your message is important and you will not believe how easy it is once you become comfortable with doing random maybe even silly things to catch attention. 

Strengthening Your Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Marketing on Social

Facilitator:  Ashley Kuhler

Do you know how long you have to capture someone's attention? At times, it's less than 5 seconds. Even if you had 15 seconds, do you know what to say and share about your farm/story so people know who you are, what you buy/sell, and the needs you serve? This workshop is for those ready to dive deeper into their social media journey. Maybe you are posting and are not getting the results you want, or you are worried about attracting the wrong customer to your family's products. In 45 minutes, we are going to strengthen YOUR "about," gain tips on how we will have our social planned ahead to showcase products on our pages or other media outlets, and walk away with an action that will positively influence our social media page. We aren't giving up or giving in to social media here, we are becoming better farm marketers.

County Chair Idea Share

Featuring Women's Chairs from Craig, Franklin, and Nottoway Counties

Has your committee been on the search for new activities and opportunities to engage? Learn from others who have faced this same dilemma. This session will feature county leaders who will share their experiences and knowledge about planning activities, recruitment, and much more.

Optional Workshop:  Creating Designs with Canva

Facilitator:  Tenille Nuckols

Designing flyers, invitations, social media posts and videos can feel intimidating if you’re not a graphic designer. Canva can help! In this session, we’ll take a look at the online tool that’s all the rage, all of its capabilities and how to use it effectively.  

Optional Workshop:  What's in the Bag? 

Facilitators:  Tammy Maxey and Miriam Thomas

Join the staff from Agriculture in the Classroom to learn about our latest resource offerings.  Check out “What’s in the Bag?” designed for county committees and AITC ambassadors.  Explore our engaging volunteer activity ideas designed specifically for small group or station settings. Visit this session and be first to see our new resources available to volunteers across the state.